Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ROLF awards

"Jessica" explains the rules as follows:-

"To award someone a ROFL Award:

1. Pick a post from the current month that made you laugh.
[Please only choose original material written or developed by a blogger - i.e., not a YouTube video, cartoon, or joke circling the Net.]

2. E-mail me a link to the post that you are nominating AND a link to your blog by the deadline.
[I will send you the award button so you can share it with the blogger you've nominated.]

3. I will send you the award button code a day or so before the awards are to be posted.

4. Send the person you are awarding the award button code and let them know when the ROFL Awards will be posted for the month.

5. On the first Friday of the month, write a post on your blog about the post you nominated.
[Please link back to this blog (Oh, The Joys) and to Tania at Chicky Chicky Baby so that people can see the full list of award winning funny posts.]

6. Read all the funny posts for the month and enjoy!

Feel free to e-mail me with questions.

I look forward to laughing with you!"

Not sure about the 'first Friday' versus the deadline, but here is my offering in any case:-

"David" at "Authorblog" specifically his post called "Knit the nine o'clock news," I have no idea how he finds these gems?


Jocelyn said...

Ooh, I'm off to giggle now.

And so help me, if I don't, I'll be back, and you'll hear about it.

Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

Femin Susan said...

I think that is such a fun thing to do. I don't think they would have melted today if they were here......

Anonymous said...

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Shrinky said...

Oh Blimey, I've just clocked the date at the top, and realised I've entered your wrong blog!